maandag 5 september 2011

cry me a rainbow

After al this crying of me I found myself a rainbow.Well sort of......

It reminds me of the one time we actually drove through the beginning of a rainbow,when we went to the hospital were my dad lay in a sleep coma. It looked the promise it never was. He went to heaven two months later, but at that time we were all overwhelmed by the glory of it. Its colours so bright, the bow so high, and the road  all alight.
Maby it was a little kiss of God to strengthen us for what was to come.
Mabey it was His way to remind us of the eternal glory wich all awaits us.
Anyways, it overwhelmed me, and I still do remember.
That moment of peace, before the tears came, before the loss was definite, before all things changed.

Now four years later, That moment made all the difference.

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