zondag 4 september 2011

small wonders

I decided to combine june and july and august for my small wonders contribution.
I was Ill nearly all of june and I slept the month through;-) and then there was the summerhollidays, So that's why!

small wonders:
- I rediscovered and got reconected with God
- found out that doing nothing(being in the sickbed) won't make my world tumble down
- I found courage and wisdom I never thought I had
- learned a very valuable lesson which has set me free
- gained a new friend in the process
- discovered I do matter
- discovered sons courage, who talked about how he felt inside to his father, for the very first time(good for you B)
- was invited for a holliday of two week, which was ever so special since I have never been on a vacation with the kids(bless you A)

I will take a long rest celebrating all this (big grin) with cake and tea of course!

chalenges were
- keeping the faith in me, God, my son and not to let me override by those who do not intend well

themes of the month
- stand firm in all that matters to me

my intentions and key focus areas:
- try to start painting again(haven't done that since my illness)
- stand firm in the dispute with the neighbours and housing asociation
- work in my garden
- Enjoy every minute as if it were the last(I'm keeping this one)
- Pray to God that all my wishes will come true.

That's all....for this new month to come....I will keep it modest

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