maandag 30 mei 2011

Spread your wings and prepare to fly

"Maiden" by Bibje

"Spread your wings..." by Bibje

In progress....

Had a quiet weekend. The kids were with their dad. I had every opportunity to paint, and so I did! I finnished the "Maiden" and "Spread your wings" and started to paint on another very old painting.
I am re-painting a lot of my older works wich did not sell and which I think are not quite that good.They were a bit bland. Most of that work is on 220/300 grams aquarell paper. They are challenging because they are already painted on. I use these images for the next painting, at least that is what I intent to do. The latest painting I used and painted over and than washed it off again and painted it over...and now it looks sort of familiar but has changed a lot. Mabey I wash it all of again,or part of it, because I am not overly content with it. The beauty is that with all the washing it gets a worn look. I like that. I love the look of worn, faded, old and blurred. And still show the beauty ....

And again I have blurry pictures...I will replace them when I have made new 'non-blurry' ones. But for now, they will do to satisfy the curiosity :-)

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