dinsdag 10 mei 2011

Lying awake

Lying awake for the thirth night on a row , I am very tired. I have a lot on my mind lately. With neighbours who are not that happy with us as neighbours, having made complaints with the housing association and a son who becomes very nervous about the whole situation. A daughter who gets rebellious about it and me very sad. I can't help being a mum of a boy who has autism and has many outbursts because of it. Who can't walk like an elfin, and who has a loud voice. Living in a house which appears to be made of cardboard, the neighbours get annoyed and nervous because of all noices. The trouble is , I do understand it all. I understand the irritation and I understand the anger. I do. But I am also angry, for the lack of empathy and understanding. And so I ly awake with churning thoughts.
It's murder for my creative bussiness. Since it kills of the inspiration and leaves me drained. I have to go to meetings, talking things trough. Looking for solutions of the problem. Secretly I am longing for a new place to live. One with very thick walls, like a fort, and a garden so big no one would notice our noices. And no one would care about the state of it, not being excruciatingly neat. But alas....dream on Bibje....

It also made me consider the format of the bussiness I want. What will be wise to do. I discovered that I am no good in time tables, and how much I try to keep up with it, it just wont do. Evertime trouble comes or some other disruption, the whole scheme is in a state of mess. And all the work piles up. It discourages me and I tend to give up. Not permanetly but still...everything is on hold for days, even weeks when things are really bad. So how do I get things working for me even when my mind is distracted.
There I need the help of others.
So that is where RedBubble and sendasmile come in. So I can concentrate on a webshop in a later stadium, when things around my family are smoothed. These companies do the work for me, all I have to do is the designing and the promoting. This is what I will do this week. Learning about how to promote my work in a big way. Any advice is welcome of course, Thank You!!!!

By the way, I have again been featured on RedBubble, TWICE!!!!!
Isn't that awesome?

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