woensdag 4 mei 2011

Question 1

Following is the very first Question I wil answer.
It's not the first time I am doing this, I remeber writing down my dreams and goals about 5 years back in time. Just before I went back to be a teacher again after a long period of being quenched. I had a coach and she was good. She let me talk and then asked Questions. Most of the time my thoughts got organised because of that. Except on one point. I wanted to be an artist, but being a teacher instead she advised me to keep my painting and writing as a hobby and focus on what I studied for. She was really persistant in that and I gave way to her arguments. I could be creative as a history teacher as well I lied to myself. And of course she would be right in saying that creativity would vanish when it became something I had to do in order to make a living. I had heared that many times before. Eventhough I was not really convinced I went back to teaching.... I still maintained 6 months on the job, then my dad became seriously ill and I got so overwrought I had to stay at home. Nearly a year later my dad died and I made him a promisse to pursue MY dreams. That was 3 years ago.

So here I am, doing just that what I promissed him and above all myself! Asking myself questions on the how's and when's and what's and why's of my dreams.Feeling dizzy all the time because of the many dreams I have and having to narrow them down to a few so I can concentrate on "The Biz" instead of the "What would be my dreamiest dream". Now I don't have to dream anymore, I can start building.

The First Question asks the following:
-In your wildest dreams, what does your creative biz look like? Are you working fulltime? Part time? What does your everyday schedule look like?

In my WILDEST dreams I have a little house-like studio in which I do all my creating, it's light and bright there. Prefferably in a green green flowery garden,where I can walk in and where nature is at its best. I will paint outside in the garden in summer and inside in the winter,where I will have an nice fire burning.I paint the day away, and I will write and make objects, design al sorts of things. Create like I never did before.
I would also give workshops, having High Tea(Thanks Daphne for that lovely idea) or go out on a picknick and paint on a pretty day here in the dunes or on the beach.
My workshedule is something I can't define yet,because of my kids. Being a single mom I have to devide my attention between work and homemaking. I will try a shedule and see what works best. That will be one of my goals for the upcoming month.

This is the dream I am building.I have been astray for a while and thought I wanted something completely different. But in the end I always came back to this......not just in my dreams but also when I was doing research for that other dream. Seems a bit silly right? But then again....when the heart whispers it is not always easy to hear it right the first time.....

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