maandag 10 oktober 2011

small wonders of september

Small wonders
- Very blessed with son's new school who adjusted his lessonplan so he can get used to highschool(he has a form of autism)
- Discovered a sence of peace within wich makes me soft and flexible as a stalk of reed.
- Discovered God within, he is there wherever I am
- Paid of a very big debt which alsmost killed us this last year (so thankfull and proud I made it)
- Thankfull that my neighbours burried the hatchet, even being nice for the kids (Bless you)

Celebrate every day again, in loving myself and my kids as much as I can.....and plan a little party....

chalenges were
- Keeping faith in Gods plan with the authorities who distrust my opinion concerning son
- Stay possitive while friends withdraw without as much as an explanation

themes of the month
getting the right help for son
get enough rest in between al the hassle

my intentions and key focus areas;
- Pray to God that all my wishes will come true.
- Enjoy every minute as if it were the last(I'm keeping this one)
- Learn more about autism so the family coach won't overwhelm me with his ways of discipline children
- Planning a little party for next month to celebrate the first two paid (very big) debts. 4 more (smaller ones) to go
- Keep praying.....
- Hoping I will get to painting again

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